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Shipping within California only or pick it up at the Pick-Up-Parties!

1) Platinum Club - $225 (20% Discount) 24pk Core, 24pk Limited, 12pk Reserve (Quarterly) ($282-value)
2) Platinum+ Club - $230 (20% discount) 48pk Limited, 12pk Reserve (Quarterly) ($288 value)
3) Gold Club - $168 (18% discount) 24pk Core, 24pk Limited, 6pk Reserve (Quarterly) ($204 value)
4) Gold+ Club - $173 (18% discount) 48pk Limited, 6pk Reserve (Quarterly) ($210 value)
5) Silver Club - $76 (15% discount) 12pk Core, 12pk Limited, 2pk Reserve (Quarterly) ($89 value)
6) Silver+ Club - $78 (15% discount) 24pk Limited, 2pk Reserve (Quarterly) ($92 value)
7) Bronze Club - $26 (13% discount) 4pk Core, 4pk Limited, 1 btl Reserve (Quarterly) ($30 value)
8) Bronze+ Club - $30.50 (13% discount) 8pk Limited, 1 btl Reserve (Quarterly) ($35 value)

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Thank you for joining our Cider Club! Your club membership provides a discount on cider purchases, cider tastings and invitations to member-only events. You may cancel at any time however you agree to take the first year shipments or pay a $50 early cancellation fee. We respect your privacy. No other organization will be granted access to your information. Your credit card will be charged at the time of shipping. Shipping is only within the state of California at this time. Shipping ranges from $21 to $73 per shipment depending on membership level. If you are local or visiting the area, you can come to pick-up parties and avoid any shipping charges. Any additional shipping and tax applicable will also be billed at the time of shipment. By providing this information and clicking the 'Join the Club' button below, you authorize Sonoma Cider to charge your credit card and declare that both you and the recipient are over 21 years of age.

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